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Making Something Ugly look Pretty



We have lived in our house for almost 4 years now and this ugly fireplace has just been sticking it’s tongue out at me whenever I went into the basement.  So when I saw this awesome Blog on Pinterest about whitewashing the brick of a fireplace I started obsessing about how and when I would do it.  Little did I know what the heck I was in for.  First, our brick is this weird mixture of really dark red and blue colors.  I have never seen the combo before.  Second it has some bricks that are just crazy with what seem to be extra ridges that do NOT cover well.  So I went all in….  and got about half way done….  Image …. and decided that I really hated how the white wash looked on my fireplace…  sigh…  So then I am frantically looking at all of the leftover paints that the previous owners left to see if there is any yellow left from the paint they used on the walls.  And I found some!!!!  WooHoo, right?????  Well, maybe not….  Image

This is how far I got before the paint ran out.  So to Home Depot I went, to match the paint.  Finally, several days after I started, I was done.  

Image I have to tell you it has totally changed the feel of the basement.  I actually want to be down there!  What do you think??


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